Stabilization Retreat

With Kay Sheppard & Michal Spiegelman

A Life-Saving Program for People with Food Addiction
March 24 – 28, 2017
Melbourne, Florida

A Message from Kay Sheppard

I am delighted to present our Stabilization Retreat, a structured residential workshop experience which is designed to create and maintain abstinence from addictive trigger foods, through a process of group activities, educational lectures, structured activities and presentations.

My own recovery, starting in 1967, led me to food addiction recovery in 1977. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist and a Master Level Counselor, I have the experience, skills and passion to help people with food addiction to renew, recharge and stabilize.

Together with my highly skilled team members, Michal and Shmuel Spiegelman, we are dedicated to supporting our friends in recovery, not only during the retreat but also when they return home. The miracles of technology allow us to offer continuing support, education and resources to help people achieve long-lasting recovery. For this opportunity, I am very grateful to offer ongoing support in the form of the Kay Sheppard Club.

Whatever your stage of recovery, we can help you with an individualized program in a safe and inviting environment.

We hope to see you there.

Happy abstinence,

Kay Sheppard

Kay Sheppard


Stabilization Retreat
Renew, Recharge, Stabilize

The Stabilization Retreat is right for you if you are new to recovery, coming back from relapse or desiring to recharge your recovery with new tools.

Unique Experience

Begin or continue the process of recovery in a safe and supportive environment. Our Stabilization Retreat offers a clean food plan, the latest scientific information on food addiction and therapeutic groups conducted by professional facilitators with years of experience treating food addiction.

Renew, Recharge, and Stabilize Recovery

Join us for this unique experience to renew, recharge and stabilize recovery with our experienced credentialed therapist and life coach who understand abstinence-based recovery on a personal level. 

Scientifically Sound Food Plan & Delicious Food

Our menu is based on the Kay Sheppard Food Plan, a weighed and measured plan that eliminates the addictive triggers of sugar, flour, wheat, highly refined carbohydrate foods, high fat foods, and personal trigger foods. All the fresh and delicious meals are prepared by a professional chef.

Safe Environment for Withdrawal

We provide a safe detox environment. The withdrawal process typically takes four days. Getting clean from addictive substances in a guided and supportive setting creates a strong foundation for the rest of the recovery process.

Putting Recovery First

Keeping recovery the number one priority takes practice and work. We have designed an individualized process to help you feel supported, inspired and empowered and to give you the boost you need to make your recovery stronger and to be of service to others in a bigger way. This retreat is for people with food addiction who want to create a strong, long-lasting recovery.

For Any Stage of Recovery

This Individualized Retreat is designed to fit your needs at any stage of your recovery. There will be valuable tools for you to add to your toolbox and take home with you including an effective self-care plan for moving forward. . In order to take advantage of the beautiful, tranquil environment, there will be time scheduled for quiet reflection, daily inventory, walks in the sunshine, meditation and naps.

I got abstinent and stayed abstinent! I loved going to the beach. I’d be taking every break time to get my toes in the sand. I’ll take my nap there! Having a shuttle from the airport is pretty cool. The food was delicious, I LOVED seeing old friends and making new ones. Please hurry and plan the next one!!

Christina, OH

Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place
Melbourne, Florida

The Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place is located just a fifteen minute drive from the pristine white sands of Florida’s Space Coast. It offers spacious rooms and suites in a warm and inviting atmosphere.
There are plenty of enjoyable things to do including an array of on-site recreational facilities and a large outdoor swimming pool with whirlpool.

Good to know:

Just one mile from Melbourne International Airport

Spacious rooms & suites, heated outdoor pool and whirlpool

Complimentary WiFi and 24-hour business center

Complimentary self-parking and free shuttle service

Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place
200 Rialto Place, Melbourne, Florida, 32901-3092, USA Tel: 321-768-0200

The hotel offers rooms with 1 King Bed or 2 Double Beds
Rooms include complimentary WiFi access.

Rooms may be shared up to 2 people with no extra charges.

Rooms may be cancelled without penalty until 48 hours before arrival.

Group rates are available for stay 2 days prior and 2 days after the retreat.

Our block of rooms at these group rates are first come, first served until space is sold out.

Our discounted rates expire three weeks before the retreat so book your room as early as possible. Thereafter, rooms will be available at regular pricing.

The hotel is just one mile from Melbourne International Airport.
There is a free airport shuttle to a from the hotel. Just call the hotel upon arrival.
Taxis from the airport are around $12.
The hotel has a complimentary self parking lot.

Meals are prepared by hotel chef and served buffet-style.
Our menu is based on the Kay Sheppard’s Food Plan which eliminates sugar, flour, wheat, highly refined carbohydrate foods, high fat foods, and personal trigger foods.
We will weigh and measure our own food.
All meals from Friday dinner to Tuesday Lunch are included.

Retreat Schedule

We have a packed program from Friday to Tuesday but with enough time to reflect, rest and enjoy the surrounding nature. You are expected to check in at the hotel center at 3:00 PM on day one.


3:00 PM Check in
4:00 PM Opening activity
5:30 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Evening Activity
9:00 PM Metabolic Adjustment and Inventory checklist

Saturday – Monday

7:30 AM Meditation, reading and prayer
8:30 AM Breakfast
9:30 AM Exercise
10:30 AM Morning Activity
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Free time, assignments, rest, relaxation, exploration
3:00 PM Afternoon Activity
5:30 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Evening Activity
9:00 PM Metabolic Adjustment and Inventory checklist


7:00 AM Meditation, reading and prayer
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:30 AM Morning Activity
12:00 PM Lunch
1:30 Closing Activity
3:00 Departure

I have had such a contented abstinence since I returned.
This retreat was a much needed physical and spiritual booster shot for me. I got refocused on my abstinence. I feel great right now. My abstinence is my top priority. I also love meeting people in various phases of their recovery. I also thought the food was excellent.

Ginna, TX

Register Now!

Price includes the program and all meals at the retreat.
Price does not include lodging.

Early Bird

  • Before March 3
  • Save $150
  • Pay in 4 payments
  • One-month free membership to the Kay Sheppard Club

Club Members

  • Between March 3 and event date
  • Save $100
  • Pay in 2 payments
  • For active Club members only

Regular Pricing

  • Between March 3 and event date
  • Pay regular price
  • Pay in 2 payments
  • One-month free membership to The Kay Sheppard Club

Click here to see more information about the hotel and reserve your hotel room at our group rate.

Questions & Answers

Can I join if my recovery is not strong?

Yes, this weekend Retreat is designed for all levels of recovery.

What types of rooms are available?

The hotel offers rooms with 1 King Bed or 2 Double Beds
Rooms include complimentary WiFi access.
Rooms may be shared up to 2 people with no extra charges.

How do I get to the Retreat?

The hotel is just one mile from Melbourne International Airport and there is a free airport shuttle.
Taxis from the airport are around $12.
If you are driving, the hotel has a complimentary self parking lot.

Do we weigh and measure our own food?

Yes, food will be served buffet-style and we will weigh and measure our own food. It’s recommended to bring your own scale.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be received no later than four weeks prior to the event date. If you cancel by that time, you may send a substitute, receive a one-year credit for another program or receive a refund less a $75 cancellation fee. Cancellations made after the deadline or failure to attend will result in a charge of the full program fee. No refunds, credits or transfers for partial attendance will be given.

Hotel cancellations must be done directly with the hotel.
Rooms may be cancelled without penalty until 48 hours before arrival.

Will it be possible to see the menu in advance?

We will do our best to provide the menu in advance but we can’t promise. Rest assured that there will be enough variety of food, all prepared according to Kay’s plan by our own personal chef.

Can I bring my own food?

During the retreat we would like you to have a real experience of following the food plan as written so you will eat the food that will be prepared by the hotel chef.

Do you offer any support after the Retreat?

Yes, The Kay Sheppard Club is a great support program. We care about you and we want to help you create a strong and long-lasting recovery. Immediately after the retreat you will be able to join our Continuing Support Program: The Kay Sheppard Club.

Included in the Kay Sheppard Club Support Program:

  • A 60-minute LIVE CALL with Kay & Michal every month.
  • Audio Recording of all the calls during your time of membership.
  • A daily interaction with Kay & Michal and with other members through a secret group on FB (nobody can see the posts unless they are members)
  • Regular bonus materials including planning forms, recipes and downloadable PDF’s.
Who will be cooking our food?

The food will be cooked by the hotel staff.
Our menu is based on the Kay Sheppard’s Food Plan.

Kay Sheppard

Kay Sheppard


Kay Sheppard, M.A. is the best-selling author of Food Addiction: The Body Knows and From the First Bite. A licensed mental health counselor and a certified eating disorders specialist, she conducts workshops for food addicts worldwide. Since the beginning of her own recovery in 1977, Sheppard has helped thousands of people live happy and healthy lives by following her comprehensive recovery program.

Kay is passionate about helping people create a stable and consistent program of recovery, integrating the food plan and the Twelve Steps into their lives.

Michal Spiegelman

Michal Spiegelman


Michal Spiegelman is a Balance Expert, Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Balanced Moments. She has a degree in Social Work, and she is a Reiki Master and a Key-Note Speaker. Michal keeps inspiring people to think better and live better. She believes in the importance of living life fully awake and not waiting for a “wake-up” call.

Michal has been committed to following Kay Sheppard’s food plan and program of recovery since 2005, and she is passionate about helping people transform their relationships with food.

I got abstinent in 1992 and lost my abstinence in 1996 after I moved from Houston to Atlanta.

In 1998, I attended Kay’s Stabilization Retreat in New Jersey.
I totally surrendered to this way of life. I became “as willing as only the dying can be” to do whatever I needed to do to keep this gift.

Now, in 2017, I have never lost my abstinence and I don’t think I’d be alive but for this program and that Stabilization Retreat. Thank you, God! Thank you, Kay!

Peggy F.

I have been on six of Kay Sheppard’s retreats since 2008. I cannot say enough about how much Kay’s retreats have helped me overcome food addiction and compulsive/obsessive overeating. Kay goes out of her way to really make sure everyone leaves stable, prepared to stay abstinent while returning home, and to get off to an abstinent start once home.

Laura, NY

Being at the retreat with kay and Michal was a life-changing experience for me!
I now pay more attention to my thought process, and I use the tools I’ve learned to help me manage my emotions better. Since I came back from the retreat I am a lot more in touch with God and more connected with other people.
I feel so much better about myself, other people and my recovery.

Diane, GA.

I would have loved to stay for a month but I had to get back to my responsibilities at home.
I keep on seeing the benefits of this retreat even today.

Michelle B

I appreciate your complete dedication in making sure we all left with sponsors or recovery buddies, no matter what!

Tracy, NC

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