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The Mindfulness Retreat was an amazing boost to my recovery.

After almost 15 years of abstinence and bringing 2 children into the world, I needed to push the reset button and get reconnected with balance in my life. The focus on meditation, mindful eating, and prioritizing what is really important has renewed my program. We set some intentions before leaving the retreat and God has graced me with the ability to live those intentions. My salad measurements are cleaner, I’m getting more variety in my plan, I’m saying YES to my children more often to enjoy time with them, and I’m getting to bed earlier.

The greatest gift was my willingness to stand up when asked if anyone in the group was available to sponsor. I left with 5 sponsees who are blessing me with so much. I’m in contact with food addicts every day, which has added a bounce to my step. Service is the key to the happiness, joy and peace that recovery brings to our lives. THANKS for an amazing weekend!”

Stephanie, PA

Kay Sheppard

Kay Sheppard


Kay Sheppard, M.A. is the best-selling author of Food Addiction: The Body Knows and From the First Bite. A licensed mental health counselor and a certified eating disorders specialist, she conducts workshops for food addicts worldwide. Since the beginning of her own recovery in 1977, Sheppard has helped thousands of people live happy and healthy lives by following her comprehensive recovery program.

Kay is passionate about helping people create a stable and consistent program of recovery, integrating the food plan and the Twelve Steps into their lives.

Michal Spiegelman

Michal Spiegelman


Michal Spiegelman is a Balance Expert, Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Balanced Moments. She has a degree in Social Work, and she is a Reiki Master and a Key-Note Speaker. Michal keeps inspiring people to think better and live better. She believes in the importance of living life fully awake and not waiting for a “wake-up” call.

Michal has been committed to following Kay Sheppard’s food plan and program of recovery since 2005, and she is passionate about helping people transform their relationships with food.

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